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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Made my first post on the Kepler-a-long blog (link in sidebar). Der. I'm a dork. I dork that cannot write. There's a fine line that is struck between being friendly and helpful and being just plain creepy when you're dealing with complete strangers... and I'm a weak ankled trapeze-trainee windmilling for my frilly pink umbrella all over the subtle difference.

Or, conversely, maybe not.

After more than two years of lurking all over the web, zipping form knit blog to KAL to Knitty.com to whatever else would feed my new knitting need, I'm finally trying to give back to the community that has inspired me so much and I find myself... at a loss for words. Or at least the appropriate ones.


It's a lot harder than it looks.

In the meantime, whilst I endeavor to "find my voice", I'm slowly reacquainting myself with all things webby. I'll be updating my links in the sidebar to other people who knit and write so much better than I. They are the ones that inspired me to do this. So, in effect, you can blame them. But they're all way too cute and witty and talented for scorn. Darn it.


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