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Thursday, February 16, 2006

What Olympics?

So OK. I didn't join the Knitting Olympics. I just figured we wouldn't be watching it as much as we have. Also, the Knitting Love, she can be fleeting.

So what am I in to now? As per my completely-not-followed-up post from (gah!) over three weeks ago... needle felting! I found an adorable and mostly-understandable booklet in the local Japanese SuperAmazing Bookstore that Mariko of Super Eggplant fame frequents (not a stalker.... yet). I'll have to scan some pictures to post later (I promise... might be in March, but I promise!).

So here's what I've done so far (sorry for the blurry pics):

Faceless Kitty

Faceless Kitty Face -- Am I weird that I kind of like her this way?

Ack! My eye! Crafty Swap Bunny in Progress

... and finished. Almost... Disneyesque with The Cuteness.

Profile. She had a bit of a lean and a smirk at first. I got most of it worked out.

Full Body Shot

What I've learned so far: stabbing small cute fluffy blobs into small cute fluffy animals with barbed needles is very theraputic. Also, a thick foam base upon which to do said stabbing is not optional for me, it is mandatory... a fact to which my perforated left hand will attest. Yeouch. I got my two extra plush foamy stabbing surfaces and a really generous amount of off-white roving from Gnome Sweet Gnome. Excellent customer service, and very speedy shipping. I'm definitely going to be ordering more roving to fill up my stash.

I've got one more Cute Fuzzy Animal ™ in the works, and then I want to try something bizarre like a funky sculpted hat. All of the other LYS's have told me to go here for all my felty needs. What I can't get from Gnome Sweet Gnome (namely the multi needle felting tool that makes creating large swatches of felted fabric easier and less RSIer), I hope to find here. Two buses stop right in front of it! Kismet!


  • Oh lordy, those are adorable! I like the faceless kitty the way she is too - kind of like abstract art. I might have to give needle felting a try - those really look great!

    By Blogger Bliss, at 7:41 PM  

  • Girrrlllll-

    I think you found your calling. Those Cute Fuzzies™ are Fabulous. I have visions of you in goth outfit stabbing fluff. Amazing!


    By Blogger Stacey Budge, at 6:08 AM  

  • Thanks, ladies! It's really so very easy and such instant gratification. Funny thing is: I don't really collect figurines or stuffed animals or any of that. So... they all have to go somewhere. Felted Bunny has already been sent out, and I have a possible recipient for Felted Kitty.

    I'm thinking about felting some cat toys next and seeing how they hold up with the furbabies (who aren't declawed).

    Who knew I had a knack for stabbing stuff? Huh.

    By Blogger darkitysnark, at 10:20 AM  

  • Oh my gosh, those are the cutest. things. ever. I am dying over here from the cuteness!!

    By Blogger Zee, at 10:12 PM  

  • I think the medium is inherently cute, but then you add little blushy cheeks and big doe eyes (I just figured out how to add "twinkle" too... help us all!) and teh cute is nigh-overwhelming.

    Gotta come up with some ironic way to use teh cute or else I'm totally going to lose my hipster cred. Which I have somewhere over here... must've left it in my other pair o' pants...

    By Blogger darkitysnark, at 1:33 PM  

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