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Monday, October 24, 2005


The Coast, The Wine, The Tension!

I read a coming of age book back in elementary school about a girl who played the violin. She was also named Minna which just struck me as absolute fate at the time, since I was trying to learn the violin as well.

Her big "a HA" moment was when she finally learned how to do vibrato (that sort of waggly thing real string players do with their non-bow hand to make their instruments warble) and as an additional bonus, got the boy (I believe he was a cello player).

I never could master that particular technique, but I do have an enduring swooning fascination with cello playing boys.

I think I hit my a HA moment with my knitting: ever since I re-re-taught myself how to knit with Knitting for Dummies I'd been knitting Continental style by carrying the working yarn in my left hand. It's more comfortable, but also much looser than carrying the working yarn in my right hand. Often I have to go down two or even three needle sizes to get gauge.

While working on the DarkityMa shawl I noticed that my garter stitch suddenly got really tight. Somehow my left hand has finally figured out to provide decent tension on the working yarn.

Only problem is I just finished the second striped arm warmer and, well, it's a different size than the first one.

After I finish weaving in the many, many, many ends I'll check these guys again to see if the difference is just too obvious... best case scenario I'll suggest the loose arm warmer go on the dominant hand. Worst case scenario? Guess I'll be knitting a third arm warmer.


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