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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Taking the High Road

Pics tonight. The arm warmers are of a different size. Just slightly, but after wearing them for about an hour last night (while taking weirdly angled pictures) I can definitely tell a difference.

This would not be a problem if they were just for me. But I want them to be (closer to) perfect for MommaSquared. So, perfect they shall be. I'm knitting a third.

Gotta go cry in a corner somewhere for a bit.

But I will not get my hate on for this project (like I usually do, see also "The Bitch" AKA Gigi sweater). This project gets nothing but positive, productive, happy shiny vibes.

I'm not sure if the knitter's psychic state is really all that influential to the end product, but I'm not testing that theory on someone else's armwarmers. Nosiree.

So. Ommmmmm. Ommmm. S'all good.


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