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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So here's the dirty details. My not-quite-matched arm warmers. I'm posting these as a record but also MommaSquared will be checking out the damage to let me know how she feels about it. I want these to be perfect for her, so better to fix anything now than later.

Twins. Fraternal twins.

Side by side blurry, dark comparison of the two palms. The difference in gauge can really be felt in the wrist and palm. The arms are pretty much the same. I just ah HAed all over the hands.

Action shot with cat.

A little asymmetry.

The Billy Idol.

So there it is. I'll wear them for a couple hours again tonight and see if I still want to knit a third. Upside is, they're gonna smell nice from all the BPAL I'm testing out right now.


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