minnamade minutes

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

(Dark?) Phoenix Knitting

It's been a tough Winter, but Spring is here! Time to unclog the crafty gutters of my mental house and work through the leftovers of the last year.

I finally freed the DarkityMa Pi Are Square Shawl from my marination cubbyhole last weekend. It is a frilly, lacy, alpaca-y monster to behold. After a few false starts (and broken yarn, the horror!) I've got the (Dark?) Phoenix Shawl off to a good start.

Since I'm lazy and don't want to unravel, wash, and rewind four skeins of lace-weight yarn; I'm just knitting this new shawl straight from the lumpy unravelings of the old one. Thus the whole Phoenix thing.

But why the comic book geeky hint at the Dark Phoenix? Well, there's a lot of bad juju in the old shawl that I'm hoping to exorsize in the reknitting, but who's to know? I mean a friggin train parked on this yarn. It might be Yarn with a Chip on its Shoulder for all I know. Only time will tell.

Wish me luck!