minnamade minutes

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Work has been so deadly dull lately. Unfortunately, it's still considered pretty poor work etiquette to just whip out the knitting even if there is not much else to do. So I'm refraining from continuing my snail's pace work on the DarkityMa Shawl at work.

Other than that, recent knitting news only contains the catnip mouse I just made to finish off a care package, and the afghan squares I have yet to knit for a charity to which I promised to contribute over a month ago.

My big stumbling block on the squares is a pretty stupid one: I don't have any superwash/acrylic yarn in worsted weight and in the right color!! I've had about two opportunities to purchase said yarn but diverted myself with other crafty plunder.

It's a shameful mix of yarn snobbery/procrastination that seems to have slogged me on this well intentioned project.

So. Not much to report here. The sudden realization that we are flying Back East for the Grande Holiday Tour in less than two weeks has finally sunk in and we're getting panicky. We've promised all the family-types that gifts aren't happening because of various emergency expenditures that have happened to all of us over the last year... but there's still at least three kids to consider (or, as many as seven if we include friends' offspring).

Since when did the Toys 'R Us become such a frightening and confusing place? I know I'm a lot larger than I was when it was a fantasy land of magic and pure happiness; however, the absolute soul draining, cart jamming, parent frazzling experience we had this past weekend trying to find anything that might be deemed "not sucky" by our nieces and our friend's 15-month-old.

After about an hour of wandering around fruitlessly and two voicemail messages to Those in the Know, we left empty handed. We're going back again tonight, armed with new knowledge--like what our eldest niece wants in a Leapfrog setup, and the fact the T'RU is open 'til midnight. Hopefully a late night raid will yield better results.

Never thought I'd ever, ever in a million years say this, but. I hate shopping.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stalling... productively.

The shawl, she crawls. In the meantime, more FOs!

Shedir from Knitty's Breast Cancer Awareness issue.

Detail of the top, junky purl panels and all.

DarkityMa has taken to wearing it all the time at home (they sent pics, but I can't seem to pull the photo off of my email) as it is the most snug cap and can stay on her little bald head comfortably. She looks adorable, though a bit thin from what she's been through. She had her last chemo session last week and goes in for a blood test tomorrow to check on her levels. So far this has been the least nauseating session yet. Cross your fingers for her!

Lampades Doll
I also did a little doll for a BPAL monster swap. This one is based on one of the five favorite perfumes of my swapee. I picked "Lampades" which are torch bearing evil nymphs. The pattern is based on the Joan Jett doll in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation with a few modifications in the shoulders and head to make her more creepy.

flame detail and profile

I'm also in the s-l-o-w process of unraveling a funky cashmere sweater I found at the Goodwill. It's a short sleeved, mock-turtle-semi-cowl necked thing that makes absolutely no sense. Wish me luck!