minnamade minutes

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bad Snarky! No donut!

Jeez Louise, y'all. You need to tell me when I leave cliffhangers like that. Sheesh! :slaps own wrist:

The secondary mammogram (which hurt infinitely MORE than the first) resulted in two ultrasounds and a good old fashioned grope by the radiologist.

Turns out my left, um, "kitten" is smaller than my right and asymmetrical to boot. Who knew? I most certainly did not, and they're right under my nose. Literally!

Happily, my left breast, along with being small and misshapen, is also perfectly healthy. I'm not scheduled for another mammogram until I'm 35 (or if I/we find a lump). Yay for asymmetrical, healthy b00bs!

The house stuff continues toward closing. Last week's house inspection resulted in a little addendum/counter-offer/counter-counter-offer action at the end of the week, but we're back on track to landed gentrydom.

I'm continuing to knit on the Phoenix DarkityMa Pi Are Square Shawl of DOOM but have plans in the mix to do some gift knitting (gnitting?) before and during The Move, which will probably be spread over the month of May.

I'm gonna close with a little cheesecake pic of one of the neat-o spaces in this here house. It's a little L-shaped room that the previous owners finished in the attic for their dog. There are little arched cutouts (I call them "hobbit holes") in the master bedroom suite to access this room. Can you say reading/knitting/stash nook? (Well, it's a bit cramped and there is a lot of sun on the one end... but there's a lot of stashy places in this house!)

Friday, April 07, 2006

You put your stash in there!

My new excuse for radio silence is two fold:

One, I had my first mammogram last week. Based on something in that image, they've asked me to come back in again for a re-scan. Their assurances include the fact that I am young (and therefore "dense", and yes this has been the cause for all kinds of jokes) and have hard to read breasts as well as their desire to make as clear a "baseline" image as possible because of my family history with breast cancer.

So. After a good old-fashioned freakout and cry, I'm doing well. I told my parents about it (and that went much better than I expected) and we are hoping for the best while eyeing our bank accounts and preparing for the worst.

I'm scheduled to go in again on Monday, and I'll be meeting with the radiologist this time, so I'll know right away if there is something to be worried about.

Two, we're buying a house! Now, if they do find something Monday, we'll probably see if we can back out of the deal because we need to get our finances figured out. But if it's just dense tah-tahs... and if the home inspection Tuesday goes well, and the paperwork is clean... this will be the new Chez Snark:

There are so many cubbyholes and storage spaces... I've been mentally placing furniture and yarn since they sellers accepted our offer.

We're meeting with the loan lady tomorrow to complete our application, the inspection is Tuesday (as I mentioned above), and if all goes well... closing is scheduled for May 5th.

Cross your needles for us!

In knitting news: yes. I'm still working on the DarkityMa Phoenix Shawl. I'm already thinking about the next project, though... which might have something to do with the bit o' cotton I have in the stash. Someone, please stop me before I do this! I hate cotton! HATE! But... spring... and... lacy tank tops... and... ack. So weak.