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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pushing the Reset Button

Y'all. It's been almost two years since I posted on my knittin' blog!! When I put myself on notice, I go all out, don't I?



How have y'all been? Since I was last 'round these parts there's been abortive attempts at Ravelry (I think I might be forumed out) as well at etsy (I have a store. But it's empty. But it's there!). Heck I even re-named this here blog in a slouchy, inexorable move toward etsyfication.

Then I just sort of let life take over.

There's been work stuff, there's been illness, there's been family visits... the usual.

Oh! But the Big News is that The Mister quit his job during the winter of ought seven and has since been training up to become a licensed massage therapist.


I know! Huge, huge change. I am ridiculously proud of him for making this tremendous leap of faith. I'm also perhaps a wee bit terrified about all the Unknowns. We've been a one to one point five income household for over a year and a half now. We've managed, but it has taken some major changes to get here.

We're still in our little pink doll house (which we love).

We have a third cat now! She's still a kitten and the grown-ups are Not Happy about it. At All.

As part of the New Income Adjustment (and also Prong One of my Three Pronged Plan to get rid of Cracker Factory weight/maintain my cheese eating habit and keep my current wardrobe) I've been biking to work. It's been almost entirely great (with a sprinkling of YIKES) and has been a wonderful way to rediscover this fantastic city.

As for the knitting? It's been in fits and spurts. But I'm determined to get the creative juices flowing again. Thus the re-resurrection of this blog. Even if no one else reads this ever again, I plan on using this as a way to keep track of my crafty endeavors.

So yeah. Hi! It's good to be back. What's been going on with you?

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