minnamade minutes

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gaaak, The Cuteness!

(I'll have to scan and post this tonight.)

Two words, y'all: felted hedgehog.

I though maybe crochet was going to be what divided my love for knitting. But nooo... it might just be stabbing fluffy blobs with a barbed needle. We shall see.

If only I could read Japanese...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Not a Whipper Snapper Anymore (but I can still dress like one!)

Hells yeah.

I don't even know who "iowa chicks knitting" is (though I just found out, and I can join! Holy Moly!) but my best friend and her hubby found this for me just in time for my 30th birthday.

Too frickin' awesome. And so very indicative of my level of knit geekdom. Love you guys!

I've been spending the last five days with my family, who traveled from Chicago and San Antonio to spend this lovely January weather with us because they obviously love us beyond all reason. DarkityMa is knock 'em dead adorable in all her chemo caps and wrapped up in the Charlotte's Web Shawl. I just wanna hug her 'til she squeaks.

Knitting to resume once the dust settles in a few more days.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Let the hate flow through you...
(Alternate caption:
wish I had been the victim of a Jedi Mind Trick)

I got to work late because not only do Lace Patterns Hate Me, but Lace Weight Yarn does as well.

In fact, it hates me so much that it would rather - in a fit of disgust at my prideful, show-offy display of KiPping (Knit in Public) - jump out of my coat pocket as I'm getting on the bus than stay with me like good, obedient yarn. It would rather roll downhill in the wind and drizzle between indifferent commuters' legs all the way down to the Max rails almost fifty yards away.

And of course I wouldn't know about said AWOL fiber until the bus driver brings it to my attention as I am about to sit down in my usual seat. Then I would have to run out of the bus, hands scrambling to gather up the nearly-invisible rouge yarn, wind a sloppy ball as I dart between those stupidhead indifferent (though now chuckling) commuters' legs and wait for the Red Line to MOVE IT ALREADY because the end of my ball is under its metal wheels. And I would have to watch the bus driver give up on me and drive away.

Finally, I would have to dart onto the next available bus to get away from the amused glances of those Witnesses to My Heaping Serving of Humble Pie so that I can sulk in the seclusion of a different stop, bag full of damp, tangled lace weight -- sad and diminished, like my ego.

I strongly suspect that this shawl won't be done in time for tomorrow.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Out with the old... No, seriously!

First off, I owe Bliss a huge hello! Hi! I had suspicions that you were you, but didn't pursue them. Sorry I haven't written back yet. Life's been crazy, but that's no excuse. I've just been lazy.

Onwards, lest I get kicked out of the ring (if I haven't already... do you know if and when that happens? Or is it a stealth kicking-off?)

I'm.... still working on the DarkityMa Shawl. But! I'm finally to the lace edging. As I was preparing to do this (The Lace Edging of DOOM, that is) I had the unsettling realization that I misread Mme. Zimmermann's instructions and had knit not a half circle + a bit of a shawl, but a full circle + some fiddly bits! Argh! But will I, Ms. Perfectionist (where's the sarcasm smiley when you need it?), go all the way back to the beginning and start over? Oh HECK no. DarkityMa is getting a voluminous Pi Are Square And Then Some Shawl whether she likes it or now.

Only question now is if I'll be able to get it to her by the time the Darkity'Rents get here on Wednesday.

That's right. This Wednesday. I'm going to shed my usual optimistic skin and predict that indeed, NO, she won't. There's no frakking way this lace is getting done by then. Not with my unintentional "enhancement" to the stitch count. Uh uh. But I'll still try. Dangit.

At least I didn't knit the DarkityBro another hat/yarmulke. Us Darkities have Noggins of Unusal Size. We got him a Trader Joe's gift certificate instead. Nothing says "I love you specifically this (insert dollar amount here) much" like a good old fashioned GC. He's also getting a shopping spree at Food Fight. We can't take the family out for dim sum without arming him with at least a few "get-by" vegan goodies, after all.

So... on with the lace! Then after this, it's all new projects for Ought Six!